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Advanced Gameplay (Survival)

For tips on how to get started please check out Basic Gameplay first!


For a full guide on commands, visit Survival Commands.

/wild - Teleports you to a random place in the world

/vote - Gives you links, which you then click on to vote for the server, to get rewards

/shop - Opens the shop interface

/ah - Opens the Auction House

/ah sell [price over $9.00] - Adds the current item held to the Auction House for players to then buy at any given time, the item will expire in roughly 2 days, then you may get the item back, if so desired

/fly - Only usable if you have successfully voted for the server, allows you to fly as if it was Creative Mode, but you can take damage from hostile and neutral creatures, but you do not take fall damage

/q - opens up the Quest interface

/f - Opens up the Friends List

/f [add|accept|deny] [username] - Allows you to send/accept/deny a friend request to/from another player ingame


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