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Basic Gameplay, Survival


When first spawning in, you will have no ingame currency and no Claim Blocks, but you will have 4/5 stone tools. The tool you will be missing is the stone hoe. There is no need to make one. What you need to do first, is do /q. That will open up the quest menu. Click on the Building tab and select 5 easy ones. Next, do /wild. If it is night, wait till the next day to perform this command. Then, you will want to find the nearest tree. If you cannot see any nearby, with render distance set at 8 chuncks, or you cannot perform basic actions, such as chopping wood, use /wild again. Next, complete one of your chosen quests. Use /q to open up the quests page, click on the Building tab, and just hover over a previously selected quest. It will tell what you need to do, which in this case is how many of each block you'll need to place. Go ahead and find the rest of the resources, and complete the task. If done correctly, you'll automatically be given the reward. For a more detailed list and instructions for quests, go to Quests.

Claiming Land

For more information on this subject, visit Claiming Land. You will need a golden shovel for claiming. To claim land, click one corner of what you want to claim, walk at least in a 5x5 square in any direction, then click the opposite diagonal corner.

Building a Shelter

Since you made a claim, if not done already, extend it to a 15x15 square. You might need to buy more Claim Blocks. The command syntax to do so is: /buyclaimblocks [amount]. Each block costs $5 ingame currency, so upgrading from a 5x5 square will cost $375. Now you will want to gather enough materials for a basic shelter. For now, make it all out of wood planks. You should build it on a base of 10x10 blocks, directly in the centre of your claim. Next, either buy a bed from /shop, or gather enough materials to craft one. Then, place a crafting table down and craft a furnace. Place the furnace and bed down in your shelter. That should complete your shelter, go ahead and craft a door and place it in your entryway, if you haven't already. For more information on gameplay, visit Advanced Gameplay.


  1. Did you know that you can buy materials from /shop?

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