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Hey all, I'm Connor. I'm one of the owners at Pedestria. My ingame username is epicgamerkid3 (yes, it really is). I'm from America and in the PST time zone. To be honest, I don't really have anything else to say here. So here's a little info on how I started Pedestria.

Me, Aric, Wiicart, KingdomBoss, and MFHKiwi started Pedestria in November of 2019. Pedestria started out as a server for people from the "IDMC" (iDeactivateMC's old server) server to play on, as the server was dying and getting old, we knew it would shut down pretty soon (it did). None of us really knew what we were doing, but we somehow made it (kinda) work. However, we immediately had an issue. We had no players. A couple months later, Pedestria shut down. A few weeks later we started to work on a new Pedestria, however none of us really had the motivation to, and it would take about 3 more months until Pedestria came back. We were given a Discord server with about 100 members. Nothing really happened in the following month, however our developer had been demoted for certain reasons, and was mad about that. In return, they deleted all the server files. We rebuilt the server over the course of a couple months. We released Pedestria Retro and the forums, and we started hiring more staff. Pedestria was finally coming together. And that's all.


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