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[Builder/Moderator] Randomy


Randomy is a staff member for Pedestria. He’s a former IDMC player and also became a former Cubtime player shortly after it also shut down. Appearance
Randomy’s Minecraft skin is the Minecraft console edition Developer Steve skin with a different face texture and hair. On some occasions, his skin can reference other games or characters, such as Luigi from Super Mario Bros and Jotaro from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Randomy has accomplished AFKing at public Iron Golem farms for 14 hours in order for him to get to /baltop 2 on Cubtime survival, repaired many abandoned towns in IDMC, became the first person to kill the ender dragon during the opening day of Pedestria (October 2020), and successfully founded Oakshores and Theiance.

Randomy is on good terms with most players on the server, and provides everyone his public IG and EG farms. The players he assists the most are the ones that have builds at Theiance, such as stql (German), LavenderLuna, DarthCreeper27, and meow_cat3, or are members of Oakshores, which are Furious_G, ThatRatLord, MelonicToaster, Monkey_Marley, and MelonicOverlord.

Randomy is below average when it comes to combat, such as the lack of combos he can use on his opponents, and the weak weapons he uses. Currently, he has died 779 times and only has 99 kills. Monkey_Marley is the majority of the 99 kills he has.

Randomy’s Warps
~ = Doesn’t exist anymore
* = Remake of another warp
~/warp _town2

*~/warp IGFarm4
~/warp RandomWarp

*~/warp RandomWarp
~/warp RandomysPlatform

/warp Oakshores
/warp Theiance
*/warp McDonalds
/warp EGFarm
*/warp IGFarm
*/warp LavenderTowne
/warp Randomy’sBookstore


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