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Hey everyone, I'm MelonicOverlord. As of writing this, I am Head-Admin and the only British person on the team. I am also part of the Management team, which is everybody Head Admin or above. You can also call me Melonic, Melon or almost anything melon related! I live in the UK and I'm a tech nerd - if you have any issues feel free to DM me... I also enjoy listening to music and playing instruments, and also doing engineering related things. I make a fair amount of decisions here, if you see a change, the chances are I was a part of that at some point. So, that's just a small bit about me... What about my story?

My Pedestria staff journey began on the 7th July 2020. A few online friends and I had planed a city (named Roxbury) and needed a server to put it on, since the server which the old city was on shut down. Eventually one of them reached out to one of their friends - this friend of a friend was wiicart. It was then decided they city (Roxbury) would be on Pedestria. Me being me, I decided why not try and apply. So after DMing wiicart, I realized staff applications were all in DMs. Soon I found myself accepted as a Helper. Within a week or two, I was then a Moderator (Remember there was no trainee or trial period then!). Less than a month later I was then Sr. Mod. Then, disaster struck. Our former developer (whom also hacks servers for a living) got angry at the idea of being demoted for reasons which I will not disclose, and deleted all survival files. Over a few months, we rebuilt the server. While it was down, I got promoted to admin which meant I could help with rebuilding the server. I now had OP and Panel at my disposal. From there, I helped build Survival, parts of Creative and all of WarLands, and slowly over time evolving the server into my idea of a perfect server, whilst also taking as much feedback as I could. From there, choochoo500 was promoted to Admin, and I got made a new role called Head Admin. Not long after, Sr. Admin came along. The release of Pedestria Retro. The Forums. After all of my work and the work of my team, the server finally seemed to be somewhat coming together. On Thursday 14th January 2021, the server shut for 3 days to finally perfect Pedestria into the perfect Pedestria for everyone. Builds like Roxbury, Melongrad, Vibe Empire and Theiance were growing like wildfires, becoming huge vast civilizations of Minecraft players.


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